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The Process

1. Design Consultation
A consultation of approximately one hour will be conducted at your property. Alternatively, if your home is under construction and you are in possession of final plans, the consultation can be carried out at our Design Studio. The designer will discuss your garden preferences and budget so as to go away with adequate information to develop your ideal garden.

2. Fee Proposal
Based on the initial consultation, the designer will propose a design fee based on the estimated number of hours required to design and draft your garden.

3. Measure Up or Site Plan
Once the fee proposed is approved, your designer will visit your property to take measurements. Alternatively, final site plans will be required.

4. Design & Draft
Your designer will develop a landscape plan along with plant and material recommendations, based on your lifestyle and garden requirements and your landscaping budget.

5. Presentation
Once drafting is complete the designer will organise a time with you to come and present the final plans or you will be invited to our Showroom for your approval.

6. Construction
Once your design is complete, the Greenfingerz Landscaping team will offer a quotation for the construction of your garden. Construction will commence once you have approved all associated costs.

Garden Advisory Service

If you are looking for some professional advice, for a new or existing garden, our Garden Advisory Service may be what you need.  

Your consultation can include advice on the following:-

Please feel free to give greenfingerz Landscaping a call to discuss this process further or arrange an on-site design consultation.

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