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Natural Grass

Greenfiongerz supply a wide variety of natural grass Kikuyu and Baffallo are some of the natural grass we supply.
Natural grass absorbs carbon dioxide, which is extremely important when considering the effects of natural compare to artificial grass on global warming.
Beneficial organisms reside in natural grass and topsoil; these organisms efficiently break down and recycle both inorganic and organic elements which land on the grass. Natural grass filters rainwater before it flows into the groundwater. Natural grass is much cooler than artificial turf, asphalt, cement or bare dirt. Most people prefer the smell and appearance of natural grass. With severe water restrictions in the western cape Greenfinger highly recommends artificial grass as compare to Natural grass.

  • Natural grass prevents soil erosion.
  • Natural grass is much cooler than artificial turf
  • Natural grass absorbs carbon dioxide
  • less expensive to install

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We strive to be the leader in the artificial grass installation industry with company built on a passion for gardening and landscaping!


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